Kashmiri Chai - Get Ready to be Bewitched

The rich bold taste is like that new experience, which is waiting to happen and when you take the first sip, you enter into a never-ending affair with this pink exotic Kashmiri Chai. The green leaf chai comes from the foothills of Kashmir and easily reigns as a hot favorite for weddings, special events, and in recent years in street bazars and trendy chai spots across Pakistan. 

The Pink Chai from Gulabo Teas is our handcrafted chai, which has everything you have fantasied about in a chai. It brings you warmth with each sip when you are alone on a cold night or shared in a cup with your special one, and it is sure to increase the love with your beloved. You can also bring this bold chai to a party with your family and friends, inhale the beautiful aroma that fills your home and garden and sip away to experience the old-world. 

My preparation starts with a pure intention, wash hands purposely, say a short prayer for all those who will drink this beverage, and for my mother whom I watched make this delicious chai when I was growing up. Next follows a labor of love, intense yet patient, as the chai cooks and brews for long hours and start to change color. I pass by often to catch a glimpse off the brewing aroma and can tell when it is ready for the next phase of brewing. Finally, the chai is turning a rich red on the threshold of being discovered for the first time. Fresh water is thrown into the boiling mix and some more magic added for transforming the chai to completely cooked. The chai is ready for tasting, when a small portion is tested with milk, cream and brewed yet one more time to find discover the perfect pink and then only can you taste.

The sweet journey of making the Kashmiri Chai is a labour of love, tasting it leaves me fulfilled each time, oh so good in savoring a selfish moment of indulgence at the end. Yet “like the river ready to enter the ocean*” sharing a cup with my beloved will fulfill the promise of being loved. The Kashmiri chai is here to gently touch you and then promises to knock you over like first love…are you read to be bewitched?

Farida Ansari

Co-founder Gulabo Teas

Toronto | Ottawa | Montreal | Mississauga 2019

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